K Hospital, Hanoi

We (Chris and I) have been meeting with Dr. Linh and Dr. Thuan at the K Hospital in Hanoi this past week. We are working with them on ways to increase the scope of the Breast Cancer Club and ideas for the development of the Bright Future Fund. Yesterday, we spent some time on the breast cancer ward with Dr. Linh meeting with patients and distributing gifts. We brought 2 suitcases from home filled with therapeutic creams, lotions and soaps (generously donated by Dr. Stanley Strick and his team, and Liz Bryant of Estee Lauder in NY). We also brought notebooks and pens for the patients to begin a journaling project to help them deal with their emotional journey through treatment. 50 mastectomy bras, camisoles and breast forms, donated by Linda Jackson, breast cancer survivor and president of the Softee Corporation, and an additional 40 mastectomy bras donated by my mother Dorothy Kapica, a 59 year survivor of breast cancer.

Meeting with the patients reinforced for me why I started GFC. I am still a photographer, and sometimes my images express my feelings much better than my words ever could.

30 year old woman, battling breast cancer



















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